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Austin A30 Part 9

The interior (6th – 9th June)

Time to strip out the interior, front seats out, as expected the bolts were rusted in but a WD40 soak and some brute force sorted that out. The front seats are in good condition with only a cigarette burn and small tear on the driver seat. Rear seats base is in good condition but the back and wooden rear parcel shelf is rotten.

Front and rear seat base

The loom and dashboard were removed. The floor pad is in good condition with a little rust in the rear inner sill which will be welded. The plan therefore will be to clean the interior, treat the rust and apply some fresh seam seal. Then all the various grommets replaced and the two heater intakes and top intake on the scuttle.

Then onto a few items to prepare, test and tidy up, the first few bits that can go into the “ready to put back box”. All rusted parts treated with Vactan rust converter and primer. The horn had been dismantled and was working, the brake reservoir cover and one of the engine mounts were also treated.

The two side lights were removed as the rubber mounts are very weathered and perished. They were stripped and cleaned, new mounts were ordered, will also look at LED replacement bulbs. Finally a new brake pipe was made up for the drivers side from the pressure sensor as it was cracked.

Side light strip down
New brake line

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