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Austin A30 Part 8

A Recap (1st to 3rd June)

Time for a bit of a recap and re evaluation of our progress so far, some of the decisions we’ve made, why we’ve made them and where we go next. The original plan is pretty much intact however as with all these things there’s been a couple of hiccups and minor changes and decisions to be made.

The original intention was, and still is to work within a reasonable budget. A full restoration was never the objective just to save a wonderful little car and get her back on the road. We want to keep the almost 65 year old character of the car and maintain some of the characteristics of the car from when she came to us. Decisions made so far:

⁃ Replace the engine.

⁃ Use Vactan rust converter & primer and then seal with lacquer.

⁃ Leave the heater unit and fan off the car to save costs as a lot of restoration needed. This can be done another time or we’ll look at an alternative matrix / fan option.

⁃ Replace all existing wiring, the loom is relatively simple and this along with the new engine will ensure the car has the potential of an even longer life.

Ready for new wiring loom

Matters to still consider and investigate:

⁃ Alternatives to the standard head lining.

– Existing seats, door cards

– Check all the electrical component.

– Switch over to negative earth

With that all to consider that stripping out of the interior continued and the photographic cataloguing of the loom, connectors and dashboard lamps etc.

Loom cataloguing

Then checking the travelators which had been laying under the dash in the car for the last eight years. After a little WD40 and some gentle coaxing they came to life!!

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