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Austin A30 Part 7

Bay watch (30th & 31st May)

A few decisions to make, with a shiny new engine safely delivered do we respray the engine bay to match the brand new looking engine? We are doing the restoration on a budget, the original plan was to get the car road worthy / legal and maintain the character of the car when it came to us. A ground up restoration was never the plan, maintaining the “patina” or a version thereof.

So we’ll tidy up the engine bay, a plate is needed on the left side of the scuttle and a plate needed to seal the heater intake. Then simply treat the whole engine bay with Vactan rust converter and primer, apply new seam seal where necessary and then apply a lacquer.

Rust on the scuttle
Bay jet washed
Treatment with Vactan

First job was to clean the engine bay, the original engine had a leak in one of the main oil seal and over the years had covered the lower part of the engine. So patio cleaning detergent I had laying around in the garage was used to loosen the oil then the jet wash used. Then the Vactan applied with a brush to treat and seal the whole bay.

Then it’s time to make a start on the inside of the car and take the drivers seat out to see what condition that’s in and if it’ll clean up. When unbolted we found the original jack under the seat!

The drivers seat (original condition)
After a little soap and water
Drivers side floor pan

Door cards out, door seals and the rear seat removed. Still unsure about the electrics and if we should use the existing loom for the lights and just build a new ignition loom. Also unsure about converting the car back to travelators only and remove the front and rear indicators that had been added at some point in the past. Mmmmm ??

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