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Austin A30 Part 5

Roll With The Punches (23rd & 24th May)

Well, more stripping off of parts and preparing the engine to be removed – all the bolts off the engine mounts and round the top of the bell housing. Given the weight of the engine I decided to remove the head, everything came off fine but it was clear the engine had been overheating. All the water channels were blocked, the water pump we had been told needed replacing, the thermostat housing was frozen to the block.

After degreasing the head we discovered that the head was cracked into one of the valve seats and there’s evidence of another possible crack in one of the other pots. In terms of the block and the bores there is scratching at the top of the cylinders and a ridge at the top of the stroke.

So we’re now faced with the prospect of a useless engine! However we will get the block out and strip it and see exactly what we’re dealing with rather than guessing.

Chris meantime took a closer look at the bodywork. The rear doors came off and he took a closer look at the underside. Unfortunately the bodywork around the rear suspension hangers is like a teabag after the rust worms had had their fill! It’s been all bad news today, well there were always going to be setbacks.

Well one small piece of good news the SU HS2 carb arrived and was stripped down and cleaned up. We’ll regroup and move forward when we know more about the engine and Chris has further researched the best options for the body repairs.

SU HS2 before cleaning
Post a clean up

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