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Austin A30 Part 4

Is there a heart beat? (May 21st)

More stripping down. Removed the manifolds, fan blades, distributor, oil feed from block to the filter, the vacuum pipe, water rail running along the top of the manifold and the air intake tube to the heater motor.

More stripping down

Tried a compression test but discovered my gauge was broken, it wasn’t showing the max PSI just bouncing around through the compression cycle so almost useless. I did discover that the oil pump is working fine as oil came out of the block when I cranked the engine from the oil filter tube I removed! That was quickly put back.

After checking with Ross if he had a compression tester (he didn’t). He came up with the ingenious idea of using an oscilloscope to see if the compression is equal across the cylinders. The idea being you measure the draw of amps from the battery through the cycle of the engine turning over to see the 4 pistons. Fanny heartbeat is a little erratic. Indications are we have 1 good, 2 ok and 1 poor;

The 4 cylinders marked


One final test for today as there was a battery back in Fanny, try the heater blower. Another good component! That worked and blew some debris out of the heater pipes;

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