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Austin A30 Part 3

Fanny Comes Home (18th – 20th May)

Fanny arrived today (20th May) and was given a quick wash over before being pushed into place awaiting engine removal. After staring at her for 10 minutes and sitting in her for the first time the radiator can out and all the coolant hoses removed or cut away, they were all perished and cracked. Should get the engine out this coming weekend.

Fanny’s home

Well lots to think about and lots done in the last few days. On closer inspection the standard Zenith 26 JS carburettor is in very poor condition. The throttle spindle is extremely worn and will be drawing air making it impossible to setup properly.


Chris, having owned an A30 in the past suggested changing to an SU HS2 a lot simpler carburettor and more readily available. The SU is however a side draft carburettor and we’ll have to see how the existing air filter can be fitted. So an eBay search located an SU, the required manifold and also a replacement Zenith 26 JS. We’ll see the condition of these various parts when they arrive and make a decision.

SU HS2 1 1/4” found on eBay

The generator (Dynamo) is in good condition. Bench tested it and it’s working very well. Put a jumper wire across the two terminals, put the negative from a spare battery to this jumper cable and the positive to the case (positive earth) and it span like an electric motor proving its working. But how well? Now leaving the jumper wire in place connected a volt meter negative to the jumper and touched the case with the positive whilst spinning up the generator with an impact driver (this has a max of 2200 rpm) pulsing it to approximately spin it at around 1000 rpm. Got a good strong reading of 13-14 volts 👍🏼

Radiator and associated plumbing removed
Fanny’s new home

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