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Austin A30 Part 2

Austin or Morris? (16th -17th May)

Plan a was to build a simple ignition circuit off the new regulator to see if we could get the car turning over and a spark at the plugs. Part way through this process we noticed a core plug that had popped in the block! So engine out and a strip down / rebuild required with fingers crossed there’s no damage to the block or head!

Popped core plug

The next more obvious anomaly was the rocker cover which was sporting a shiny Morris badge!Time for a bit more investigating . . .

Is it a Morris engine?

But first removal of some bits for cleaning, reconditioning ahead of the engine coming out.

Generator, carburettor, coil and air filter which, I have to say is a lovely looking thing. Tried some electrolysis cleaning on the air filter mainly to remove the rust from the internal mesh, this worked very well and produced a great finish overall.

Cleaned and oiled air filter

Now for the engine mystery. The A series typically has the CC forged as part of the block at the front on the manifold side just in front of the fuel pump (“800” for the 800cc and so on). Nothing on this engine just “MOWOG” and “02A”. Upon further investigation MOWOG is a generic ID;

Found on engine blocks, transmissions, cylinder heads, and pistons, it dates back to the very origins of the British car industry. Before the merger with Morris Motors in 1935, Wolseley and MG were owned as the personal property of Lord Nuffield. After the merger with the bulk of design work carried out at Cowley, the identification number for chassis and engines on Wolseley was assigned a “W” and the letter “G” was assigned to MG (M was already assigned to Morris). Hence the use of Mo (Morris), Wo (Wolseley) and MG to mark the various components with MOWOG as the result.”

So that was going to tell me nothing we don’t already know. Upon further investigation there’s a stamped engine number on the block on the plugs side at the front prefixed 9M UH

9=948cc M=Morris U=Manual H=Hi Compression

So our little A30 is sporting a Morris 948cc A Series. That’s how she arrived in our hands so that’s the way she’ll stay!

Lots more to do, carb and generator strip down, engine out and Mr B will get to grips with the bodywork 👍🏼

End of the day . .



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