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French Alps – July 2019

Day 1 – June 29th  

2019 – Day 1, approx. 325 mile in 38 degree heat. Two Exige’s with no AC and an S1 with its AC (roof off) functioning flawlessly. The cars performed without a hitch, not so much the drivers with the heat getting to all of us. Arrived at the overnight stop around 5pm, a tour around the farm with our hosts (yeah, let’s walk around in the blazing sun some more!) then off for a well deserved beer at Lac D’Orent, too may posh frocks and suits for three boil in the bag Brits who, I have to admit probably weren’t pleasing on the eye. Back to the house, shower and a few laughs sitting out in the cool evening air – long hot 🥵 day but, the Alps tomorrow 😎👍🏼


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