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Austin A30 Part 1

Affectionately Know As Fanny (5th – 8th May)

This little Austin A30 needed a home, the poor old lady will be 65 in July and had been feeling a little under the weather for the last few years. My wife was so very pleased that another car would be joining us that we named this little lady after what she called me (well sort of) when I broke the good news!

I’ll be assisted in this venture by Mr Chris “Barkie” Barker III of the Isle of Staffa, who will be applying his not inconsiderable skills to the bodywork whilst I tackle the engine, electrics and interior. Many have said it’s a fool’s errand and rolled their eyes but we have the strength of conviction and knowledge the respond “What could possibly go wrong?!”.

It would be totally remiss to not mention with warm and fond affection the donor of this lovely lady into our capable hands Mr Tom Harding who, sharing a similar passion for cars has been unable to fulfil his desire to get his hands on Fanny and ride her like the fine filly she once was! I’m sure Tom will give us a hand along the way – thanks buddy!! Just to be clear the Fanny jokes will never get old!

So after being introduced to Fanny on the 5th May, we went over on Friday the 8th to get her out and have a closer look, hopefully get the bonnet open and take a look at the engine (the flying “A” was not releasing the bonnet). Tyres were pumped up and she moved freely (so no seized brakes), the engine turned over on the crank, she’s in pretty good nick for a 64 year old! Think rats have chewed through a lot of the wiring as there was no life from the ignition after we connected a new battery and swept away the rat shit. After bypassing the starter the engine turned over but no spark.

The previous owner was a priest, there was a bible on the passenger seat, 65,000 genuine miles to the church and back and a few continental trips to the Vatican City to pick up some fresh holy water. Bargain, we’ll take her!!


Hopefully this week we’ll get her home, we’ll get a closer look underneath and Chris can start on the front doors, I’ll get the seats out and make a start on the engine to see what we’re dealing with. Happy days!

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